Trying to Blog When You Have the Attention Span of a Mouse

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Hellooooo, dear readers!

I was going to write a post about Crater Lake National Park, but have gone into a wormhole, so I’ve decided to explain (in part) why I blog so infrequently.

As some of you may know, I work online for a living, managing the digital marketing activities of small businesses. So at times I take online work very seriously. But when it comes to my own blog… it’s a bit like a chef trying to cook at home, y’know’wht’am’sayin’?

So here is how my morning thought process has gone so far… all to write one blog…

  1. I should write a blog! Let’s start with my most recent trip, Crater Lake…..
  2. I should really figure out a better way to add pictures to my blog, since my photography is getting better. I wonder if I should use Flickr?
  3. *Starts Googling the best way to integrate Flickr with WordPress*
  4. Gosh yaknow, if I’m going to be taking this more seriously and using Flickr to integrate to WordPress.. should I watermark my images so that people don’t steal them from Flickr?
  5. *Starts Googling watermarking/copyright protection*
  6. Okay I’ve decided I shouldn’t rely on watermarking. Maybe I should find one of those reverse image search services so that I can just be notified instead of having to worry about it?
  7. *Starts Googling copyright protection services*
  8. Hmm, this looks like a good website. Let me see what others think.
  9. *Reads 5 useless blogs criticizing minor annoyances on the service I’m checking out*
  10. Well that sounds good! I’ll sign up!
  11. (During sign up)… gosh my glasses lenses sure are getting scratchy. It’s a little hard to see this sign up form, and it’ll be hard to see my images while I do all of this and blog.
  12. *Starts Googling whether I can use car scratch remover on glasses*

At this point I’ve realized I’m not going to get a blog about Crater Lake done today, because I’m about to go try some scratch polish on my glasses before I even put “pen to paper.”

So wish me luck with my personal-blog mouse-brain. Hopefully you’ll get a real post soon! I just gotta get these scratches out of my glasses first…

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