Making My Way East & Starting a YouTube Channel

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Hello internet (and real life) friends! Look at me go, a post two months in a row. I’m getting better at blogging for the sake of blogging, instead of for a specific search term or business purpose.. as a digital marketer it’s really really hard to just exist without considering every SEO opportunity.

Onto the meat.

It’s been a whirlwind 2018 so far. Since the Xscapers convergence, I’ve made it quite Far East. ( I don’t know why my phone is capitalizing that, but I think it’s funny so I’m going to leave it.  And yes I’m blogging from my phone which is my crutch at this moment for not getting caught up in other marketing BS ?)

Farther east than I’ve ever been, in fact.  I made it all the way to New Mexico which is a new state for me!  It’s not often that I reach a new state that I’ve never been to, so it’s very exciting.


Greetings from New Mexico!!

After leaving the Xscapers, I spent some time in beautiful Ajo, Arizona. Native Arizonans don’t understand the beauty of it because they think it’s just your run of the mill middle-of-nowhere town. But how could you NOT appreciate its beauty?

After Ajo, I spent two nights boondocking at a mediocre (but convenient) spot in Tucson. Work took up literally 99% of my time so I didn’t get to enjoy the city, but it was a good stopover and I got to catch up with an old elementary school friend.

From there, I spent a couple nights at Indian Bread Rocks, thanks to the advice of my Instagram-turned-real-life-friend Peter. The rocks were really fun to scramble around and the scenery was perfect for getting more work done.

While here I started a YouTube channel! Very exciting! Check it out here:

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Trixi also enjoyed the scenery and we both were entertained by the cows.

Luckily, Trixi didn’t hurl herself into any cow pies, which she normally does. There were plenty around so maybe she’s not fond of this region’s diet. Thank goodness. 😛

From Indian Bread Rocks, I moved onto New Mexico (yeehaw!!) and spent one night at a hot spring resort. My 4th time ever at an RV park! Always a fun milestone because it’s so rare.

Now I’m boondocking near White Sands National Monument, which really deserves a post of its own. In fact all of these places deserve posts of their own. Maybe it’ll happen… maybe it won’t… keep an eye out. ;P

This has been a LOT of miles in just a couple of weeks for someone who tends to stay in one spot for a week or two and then move 2 hours away. It’s still been enjoyable though and the lively pace does allow me to see more things. One struggle is working at the same time. It’s always nice to stay in one spot for a couple of weeks because then I can have time to work AND explore.. my schedule has been a bit more hectic these days with the more frequent traveling.  I often start and end my days with client calls, squeezing in proposals, consulting, and hands on technical work where I can. It’s fun being a digital nomad but definitely takes some juggling.

Thats it for now. Stay tuned until next time! Or don’t. 😛

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