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  • Leslie
    July 4, 2013

    This Etsy Seller has stolen one of your pictures:

    • Hannah
      July 5, 2013

      Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention! What an unfortunate picture to steal… and what a great eye you have to notice that it’s mine! <3 Thanks again - I'll be contacting Etsy about it (though the process doesn't seem easy.) Oi vey!

      • Teresa
        September 22, 2018

        Dearest Hanna,
        LOVE LOVE LOVE, your blogs and pics!…and thank you so much for writing the “book” lol!
        You have given me better insight and understanding to what may lie ahead if I pursue this RV thing! I’ve only just looked the 1991 Fleetwood Jamboree (Rallye) over-inside and out and under the hood. I havent been on the roof yet or even talked to the owner yet on the details, but I was with a former RV salesman AND a mechanic, and they gave me 2 thumbs up.
        No roof leaks, and the inside is un impeccable shape. Of course the outside is a bit cosmetically challenged but not too gross!
        I’ve toyed with this idea of selling most of my belongings and pulling up roots for a few years, this particular RV spoke to me tho. We shall see as I go ahead later this week and get into the possible buying details…
        Asking is $6800 w/54,000mi. New tires. Seems in the ballpark but I have no problem “low balling” especially if details reveal any issues.
        I’m not convinced yet I can even handle being a full time RVer but am thinking I might try traveling as a seasonal worker (campground or whatever) starting spring of 2020. Then eventually settle in Florida. Possibly?!! I’ll be 60 that year, hopefully with still enough energy to do this on my own??
        What is the proper roof coating?
        Invest in rear track bar?
        Are solar panels worth it?
        Ever turned away from camping (KOA) because older RV?
        Now I’ve written my own book!
        Thank you muchly!
        PS. I think you ROCK and have big…courage! And I don’t care much how it looks, many can only wish:(

  • Teresa
    September 21, 2018

    Hey Curly Nomad!
    I only just stumbled upon your very first blog relating details of your rather disastrous “maiden voyage”
    I’m looking at purchasing the exact same model/year as your RV. Have you been satisfied with it? I would surely appreciate any advise or input you may have about your RV…!
    Thank you so much,

    • Hannah
      September 21, 2018

      Absolutely! However keep in mind, I bought mine with 23k original miles on it, so I can’t speak to how yours will be if it’s aged more or wasn’t maintained well. Mine was owned by a marine who really took care of it, and has been (knock on wood) shockingly reliable. It’s now at a bit over 40k miles, I think around 41 or 42, and other than the initial breakdown I have never been stranded on the side of the road due to mechanical issues. It doesn’t handle the best – but honestly I’ve heard most class C’s don’t – and it’s really important that you invest in the basics like new tires, new belts, and and overall inspection, but other than that you will probably have more problems with the RV/”house” end of it than the mechanical end, and only because it’s older. Even with a couple of normal interior issues it has been FAR more reliable than many new RVs my friends have owned, and they seem to have been far sturdier built during that time period. Inside the RV I’ve replaced the water pump (easy job, $80-100 part), furnace blower motor (also ~100 part, not necessarily easy), and had to pay to have the black tank reattached after almost shaking it off, which was my own fault for driving on a crazy road. I also replaced the entire roof membrane this summer because at that old, it’s unlikely to hold up, and I did find one leak and couldn’t just recoat it because of the coating I used in the first year. As long as it doesn’t have existing water damage, the appliances work, and the mileage on the one you’re considering seems fine, GET IT! And I recommend coating the roof the right way the first time so you don’t have to replace it like me. And yes I recommend doing this because no RV roof is going to last from ’91 til now.. period. 😛 If you have any other q’s I’m happy to help. Sorry for writing a book. Good luck!!