Colorado is just so pretty in the winter.

Colorado is just so pretty...

Today we got about a foot of snow. I can’t tell if Trixi likes it or if she just bounds around to stay warm. We had to wait until the roads were plowed to walk. Attempt numero uno took us about 50 feet because the snow was past her chest. Pretty entertaining! Can’t wait to see what the pass is like after another big dump coming this weekend. (Today I also learned that saying “the pass” is a very Washingtonian thing 😂.)

Today we got about a...

The mountain is my (other) therapist.😛
Some kids play team sports or take piano lessons. I did a little of both, but the only thing I stuck with was snowboarding. I owe it to my parents for giving me this life long gift of being able to enjoy nature in this way. Ski school was expensive and they had to drop me off at the local school at like 530am every Saturday for the trek up. But I think it was probably worth it for everyone because they also got 8 peaceful weekends a year out of it. 😂

The mountain is my (other)...

Was this real life?
You know how iPhone’s new update shows a random photo on the dash screen? This popped up today - a hike from Glacier NP 2019. Just some iPhone photo, I think a panorama, + a couple minutes in Lightroom.
Despite a rough year, I’ve also had it pretty good to be able to walk in places like this. 🌈 My first response to photos like this has returned to gratitude that I was there instead of anger looking back. So, hello 2021, you’re looking bright and I’m so glad you’re here.⚡️

Was this real life? ☄️...

Say hello to the new whip! I owe my quaran-fam big time for helping me pick this up at 3am.
The Zook is dead and after 3 Trackers/Sidekicks, which are basically street legal go-karts, I’m really excited to upgrade to a “real” car again now that I have a larger engine & appropriate towing capacity.
Yes yes, I know, it’s no Bronco - but so far, I love it. The B production keeps getting pushed back and this will be a great in-betweener - and will also allow me to make other smart decisions in the meantime..
For those wondering, it’s a manual because those are the only towable ones. It’s 4x4 but base, not the off-road version. It seems lifted with longer rear shackles and maybe adjustable shocks up front. Haven’t figured that out yet.
My favorite thing so far is that it has such a big trunk, I can lay down on the floor completely with the seats flat! Seems like a great lil beach camping rig. 
If you’re an Xterra fan... send me all of your favorite accessories and insights!! And if anyone finds any banana car hangers, please send me the link. It needs some personality. ☺️

Say hello to the new...

Another okay day at the pass.😉 The rona-fam has acquired quite a mess of winter gear, including hilarious outfits, and we’re putting it all to good use. We’re making the best of things and having a great start to this year. I hope you are, too! Thank you @fuckyeahtaylor for hilarious pics and vids today. 
#vanlife #sendit #aspenkaren #blessup #wolfcreek

Another okay day at the...

The IRL version of ditching 2020 and everything that came with it. 😜
If I’m in the car you can be sure we’ll pop a tire, blow some airbags, ...or go into a ditch. Good practice for making sure recovery gear is on hand. Thanks to the nearby 4Runner we were rubbernecking for pulling us out. 
#adventures #rvlife #notmyxterra #hot4runner

The IRL version of ditching...

..... Do you want to build a snowman? ❄️⛄️

..... Do you want to...

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